The 11th Conference on DNA Nanotechnology
Mid-Term Evaluation Defense for Doctoral Dissertation👩‍🔬
A Wonderful Day with our Dearest Family
Morning Group Meeting Start with Latte and Bagel
New Year Group Meeting with Everybody on site~
BMGF/IMCAS Vaccine Workshop
Professor Yang introduced the polyclonal antibody epitope mapping technology, which our group is currently dedicated to using for visually assessing vaccine effectiveness.
2023 Nano+ International Summit
At the 2023 Nano+ International Summit in SuZhou, Professor Yang gave a lecture about synergistic effects in biosystem, DNA, protein and more
Landscape of Antibody Response to SARS Virus Analysis by Linqi Zhang, Taisheng Li and Yuhe Yang.
Linqi Zhang, Taisheng Li, and Yuhe Yang Collaborate to Reveal the Characteristics of Humoral Immune Response in SARS-CoV-1 Infection.
2023 National Polymer Academic Paper Conference
At the 2023 National Polymer Academic Paper Conference in Wuhan, Professor Yang delivered a presentation on the Synergistic effects in biosystems. In our previous research focusing on the SARS-CoV-2 immune complex structure, a distinctive antigen-antibody binding architecture of Omicron was identified in our lab, which effectively elucidates the immune escape of Omicron. Our laboratory plans to create innovative DNA nano-carrier vaccines and has established a novel Cryo-EM based vaccine evaluation technique. This method allows for the direct visualization of high-resolution structures of viral antigens in complex with monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, revealing the epitope landscape and antigenic determinants.
Welcome Professor Zelin Shan's Visitation and Experience Sharing!
Seminar: Cryo-EM Study of HIV Integration and the Interplay of Histone Chaperone-mediated Transcription and HIV Integration.
The 10th International Conference on DNA Nanotechnology
Synergistic Binding of Antibody and Antigen & High Concentration Cluster Forms DNA Hydrogel
The farewell party for Miss Zheng!
We will miss you forever!
The 9th International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology. China 2023
📢 Our new review paper on "DNA Nanostructures as Biomolecular Scaffolds for Antigen Display" is out.
This review delves into the potential of DNA nanostructures as biomolecular scaffolds for antigen display, addressing: (1) immunological mechanisms behind nanovaccines and commonly used nanoparticles in their design, (2) techniques for characterizing protein NP–antigen complexes, (3) advancements in DNA nanotechnology and DNA–protein assembly approach, (4) strategies for precise antigen presentation on DNA scaffolds, and (5) current applications and future possibilities of DNA scaffolds in antigen display. 
China NANO 2023
Topic: Synergistic interactions of semi-stable domains in biosystem
The 2nd SMART symposium
Topic: EM Epitope Mapping and Vaccine Development of HIV
The 20th Chinese Biophysic Congress
Topic: EM based Epitope Mapping and Vaccine Development
The Very First Brainstorm Contest!
All are Winners!
Big Welcome to Our New Member!
Welcome our new member--Jiangming and Mengran!

Renee's research interests in DNA nanotechnology as a graduate student in ASU.

Checking Samples
Daily Lab
Daily Work
Bio Artist
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony!
Brand New Lab Revealed
Cellular Ingestible DNA Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications
An Infectious Virus‐like Particle Built on a Programmable Icosahedral DNA Framework
Brand New Office Ready!
Bright and Shiny!
Sample Processing
A Close Look at Our Samples
A Normal Monday at Lab
New Furniture Moving In!
We are making progress every week
Initial Look of Our New Lab
We are getting so excited for the new lab and new journey!
Brand New Office
A sunny afternoon at our new office! What would it look like in a month?
Nano Technique
A tiny drop means a lot.
Our Building History
Our Building, Old and New
Mid Summer Lab
Road to lab seems luminous in mid-summer
Fun Science: DNA blocks. It looks like science version LEGO.
Checking Data
Checking Data
Everyday Lab
Everyday Lab

Renee's research interests in DNA nanotechnology as a graduate student in ASU.


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